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    Hi guys,

    Just wanted to shoot a quick e-mail letting you know of a MEGA betting launch coming up this Thursday, July 1st.

    Prelaunch has already started today, Tuesday, June 29th! So lets get going =) The prelaunch is going to be short - only 2 days but it's SOLID. It's important to push hard during the prelaunch days so that come launch day, you can cash in and convert much better.

    Private JV Page : Bettors' Code Affiliates Page

    We have a lot of good content lined up for both the prelaunch and the launch to make this one of the best betting launches this year...We are also taking a unique video approach to the salesletter that has worked in other niches, and we are NOT using a traditional salesletter, so conversions should be amazing!

    This betting system has been months in development and is still to-date performing awesome, so if you have or haven't promoted any betting products recently, make sure to get on this one ASAP. This launch is one you surely don't want to miss.

    Private JV Page : Bettors' Code Affiliates Page

    Our prelaunch is underway and here is the first email to send out if you have any email lists:

    Prelaunch Email For Tuesday, June 29
    SUBJECT: {!firstname_fix}, FREE method for beating Betfair
    Hi {!firstname_fix},
    If you're a punter, you've probably seen a million "tricks"?
    "strategies" and "insider" info on how to make money with Betfair?
    ? and for some "weird" reason none of them seem to work,
    do they? At least not anywhere close to as well as the marketers
    behind them claim they will.
    Well, David Reed has just put up an interesting video in which
    he's GIVING AWAY one of his most profitable methods just
    to show it's better than what most people pay marketers and
    tipsters their hard-earned money for:
    You've got to check it out right away, though, because
    it's only going to be up for a day or so, and then it's gone.
    P.S. You have to opt in to get the free method, but it's
    *worth it*!
    Check it out now:
    Take care,