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    Hey everyone,

    I created a website that I think you guys may be able to use. It's called redirect-url.com and basically, you sign up for a free account and create short URLs to cloak your traffic. The website blanks out the referrer and replaces it with redirect-url.com so that when you're promoting your blackhat offers from non-approved websites, the link doesn't show up to the CPA company.

    It also has the ability to split-test multiple offers using the same "short tag" URL. So if your URL was something like "redirect-url.com/a1b2c" then you could create multiple offers using that same short tag and any time someone visits that link, it's going to pull one of your offers out at random from the database to serve to the visitor. This is great if you want to put more links in to split-test without actually changing the end-link that users click on.

    I'm going to open registrations up for the next 25 people to try it out and post reviews on it. If any of you have any questions about the service after signing up, please feel free to leave a message here in the topic. Please do not PM me as my PM box will surely fill up rather quickly once I open the service up to all of you guys.


    When you first sign up and login to your account, you can create a new link by clicking "New Link" in the title bar. Once you click that, you will be asked to create a custom short tag. This short tag is what you will append to redirect-url.com for your visitors to click on. Also, you are unable to create a short tag that has been taken by someone else. If you enter a short tag that YOU have used before, the script will allow you to use it, and the URL that you put in on the next page to redirect to will then go into rotation for that short tag. For example:

    The URLs you want to redirect people to are: http://google.com and http://yahoo.com and you want to use the short tag "a1b2c". All you would need to do is enter a1b2c in the short tag field and create a link on the next page to http://google.com. Once you've created your first link, go back to the Add Link again and type in a1b2c in the short tag field. When you enter http://yahoo.com for the redirect URL and save the link, anytime someone visits http://redirect-url.com/a1b2c the script will randomly choose either google or yahoo and send your visitor to the website accordingly.


    From your main account page, there is a "Deactivate" link option next to the short tag that displays for certain links you have setup. If you click Deactivate, that link will be taken out of rotation immediately. If you wish to use the link again, simply click "Activate" next to the short tag and it will go right back in to rotation immediately. If you would rather delete the link from the system entirely, you can click "Delete Link" in the menu and then delete whatever link you'd like from the list.


    There is an option at the bottom of the New Link page that allows you to check a box to support my website. What this does is whenever you activate a certain link that you have chosen to support my site with, there is a 1 in 10 chance that one of my offers will show up for the visitor instead of your offer. Now, let's say you have two links targeting the same short code. That doesn't mean that ALL links under that short code will have a 1 in 10 chance, it basically means this...

    Say you setup http://google.com and http://yahoo.com again. Well, for Google you clicked the box to support my website, but you didn't for Yahoo. When someone goes to your short tag, the script will randomly choose either Google or Yahoo for your visitor. If it chooses Google, then there is a 1 in 10 chance that instead of going to Google, it will go to my offer link. If it chooses Yahoo, it will go straight to Yahoo every time since you didn't choose to support the website.
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    I would like to suggest adding the ability to change/edit the created url of the campaign, so that in case you made a mistake, you can edit it.