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[BETA] Niche Based Network - Get Links on the Same Niche

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by gregmac037, Nov 22, 2012.

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    Jan 27, 2011
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    Niche Based Network is a blog network where you can get blog post links from websites on the same niche with page ranks ranging from 1 to 5+.
    The difference with other network is that NBN will post your links on the selected niche, post stays longer on the homepage, and outbound links will be less than 10.

    SUBMISSION LIMITS (1 point = 1 submission per week = 1 post)

    ? Approved PR 1 site: Submission Limit + 3 points
    ? Approved PR 2 site: Submission Limit + 7 points
    ? Approved PR 3 site: Submission Limit + 14 points
    ? Approved PR 4 site: Submission Limit + 25 points
    ? Approved PR 5 and above site: Submission Limit + 50 points

    What Niche Based Network can do?

    ? Each article that is submitted to "Niche Based Network" will be posted on 1 random blog on a chosen category
    ? Each article is limited up to 2 links only.
    ? Accept Spinning format {txt1|txt2|{txt3|txt4}|txt5|etc}
    ? Accept Scheduling up to 30 days
    ? Articles are not posted on blogs with page rank 0
    ? Your blog would not receive more than 3 post/day
    ? Blogs that drops its pr to 0 will still get 1 point/week and still articles are not posted on blogs with page rank 0
    ? Outbound Links will be less than 10
    ? Links stays longer on the home page and has a high chance of being crawled and indexed by Google

    First 6 niches to Focus On

    ? Business - any Global or Local Business
    ? General Health - any medical conditions, mental health, body and skin care, hair loss, natural remedies, etc.
    ? Finance & Investment - any Real Estate, finance, Forex investment, Banking and loans etc.
    ? Shopping & Consumer Goods - any home appliances, shopping and retail related products, gadgets and coupons etc.
    ? Insurance, Compensation & Legal - any car, health, personal, and home insurance as well as work place compensation, personal injury claims and all law/legal related matters.
    ? Weight Loss & Fitness - any weight loss and dieting products and tips, healthy eating, fitness and exercise etc.

    For those who are interested on this type of network, we recommend you to add 1-3 blogs on the selected niche.