[Beta] Looking for Beta Testers - Mass URL Shortener

Hey everyone!

I'm currently working on a tool that will creat up to 250 or so shortened URLs at the click of a button. I'm going to offer this for free to all BHW members. I need some beta testers on windows operating systems. If you're interested, shoot me a PM or reply here.

Thanks! It's a work-in-progress, so lots of testing will be needed.
Thanks for the interest everyone!

Just got home, have a ton of PMs to reply to about several different things, and then I'll be PM'ing you with more details. If you want to save me some time, go ahead and email me with the following:

Name, Email, Operating System (32 bit/64 bit included, please), How often you would actually use this when it is released, and I think that's about it for now. :)

Thanks again!
Glad so many people are interested in this! :) Still finishing up talking to several people and I'll contact you all via PM to ask for more information. Thanks for your patience!

First test will probably be Saturday or Sunday, and will include 25-50 URL shorteners.
I was wondering why I hadn't gotten any responses, apparently my PMs didn't send! When I'm back home at my compy I'll resend them. Thanks for waiting everyone!
Im interested and I can report any bugs/inconsistencies I find
Alright everyone, PMs have been sent. Thanks for waiting! First version to test should be sent out soon and will be in your inbox with details!

Still looking for a few more beta testers if you're interested. The tool will allow you to make many, many shortened URLs by importing either a single URL to shorten or a list of URLs to shorten. I'd like to have 200 different shorteners programmed in, and if I reach that goal, you could import a list of 1,000 URLs to shorten and you'd have 200,000 shortened URLs produced. :)

Thanks again for the support everyone, it is most appreciated!
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