[Beta] Badass google scraping proxies


Aug 7, 2011
Hey folks, looking for beta testers for my upcoming google serp scraping proxies service.

Each beta tester will get proxies that can perform up to 100 requests per minute (thats equal to 160 urls/second in SB max with good footprints). No recaptchas, just scraping like its 2010 again :D

This proxies work only for getting google search result page, nothing else.
This proxy wont work:
- in browser
- for CTR manipulation
- for anything except getting google search result page.

You will need to use custom scraping engines in SB (I will provide you with file).
You can also use these in GSA or other tools but its not guaranteed that proxies will work.
If you know how to code you can use my proxies in custom self-coded tools.

Post here and I will PM you all details :D

I need 10-20 beta testers :)
Interested in this. I got SB and uses it most of the time. PM me please. Thanks
I use a content tool that scrapes google SERPs for creating an article. If this use-case is ok for you, I'm also interested.
Please count me in, can they be also used for different purpose? If not, no problem, I will use them for scrapebox
Looking for proxies for SERP, used in ScrapeBox. I'm interested for a test drive, if you have any spots available. Count me in
I still have problems with google. I would love to try this proxy, hoping for further cooperation.
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