Best WP plugin to remove /category and /product in permalink structure: suggestions?


Dec 7, 2021

I would like to optimize my WP urls for SEO which means deleting /category and /product in the urls.
Which plugin is the best to do this?

Thanks in advance for your reply!
Thanks for advice!

Ok, but I am using Yoast as well. Will they not interfere with each other?
if you're referring to the categories URLs, the premium version has the option included,
you can find it for free in the downloads section,

for post URLs, you can change that by changing the permalink settings,
you should avoid that if your posts have been indexed for a while tho or at least make sure to redirect the old ones
you don't need a plugin for that. Simply go to the permalink settings in your WP dashboard and select the structure you want, and then save the changes.

Or, you might need to add a dot in the "category base" field (and then save changes). I don't remember why we need that dot in there, but I have had the same struggle as you several years ago, and I found out about this dot trick and been using it ever since whenever I want to display clean, short URLs.
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