Best ways to promote your own affiliate program

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    Dec 22, 2010
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    I own a successful "get paid to" site which got lots of users.
    I have my own affiliate program for the site, which is hosted on the site itself (not through Cpa network).

    My own users are aware of it, and using it.

    im launching a new affiliate program which i honestly believe pays very nicely for my users.

    im looking to find a way to find new people from out side my own users, which would start using my affiliate program and send me new users.

    -- What would be the best ways to get to as many people as possible ?
    (im not trying to sell it here, im looking for advice)
    my site is in the 'make money online' niche.

    -- Also, is there a way i can get to one of those make-money gurus ?
    If one of these guys join my program and send me traffic from his site/list,
    That can be amazing. and also i honestly believe he will benefit too cause my site converts pretty good, so he will get paid.

    -- I thought about also having the affiliate program hosted on a cpa network, in addition my my own one.
    do you recommend that ?
    Would it be smart to do it on many networks at the same time?

    -- Do you have any other tips as how to get more people to my affiliate program?