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Best way to use Youtube for referrals - NEWBIE method

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by jjoorriiss, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. jjoorriiss

    jjoorriiss Newbie

    Jun 21, 2015
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    How to Make Money using Referral Programs!

    And get FREE referrals in a breeze!

    1 - Use Free to Play Games!
    [HR][/HR]I usually play free to play games online, and most of them have some sort of Premium Currency (pc).
    The longer you play the f2p game, more you want the premium currency to level up sooner or get better gear. We are going to use that to our advantage.
    Since these games already make the player hungry for PC, they go online and search for methods to get PC for free. They start looking on "How to get free (insert currency's name here)".
    Some youtube videos will pop up with lots of virus and scam. Same thing for blogs.
    Usually people will click the first link and try it or they will give up.
    [HR][/HR]2 - What You Need to Get There!
    [HR][/HR]Get a site which pays you in a lot of different giftcards and gives a good referral bonus. REMEMBER to NOT use a website that is focused on just making money. You need one that stimulates getting the currency early.
    [HR][/HR]3 - Make Use of Exchange Websites
    [HR][/HR]Go look for websites that exchange youtube likes/views. Example: addmefast, like4like etc. Once you find a website that works, many more will be found. Sign up there.

    Note: Script for AddMeFast on BH's Forum (i have link just cant post it lol)

    [HR][/HR]4 - Upload a Youtube Video
    [HR][/HR]After that open your favorite video software. Im lazy so I use windows moviemaker.
    Now make a few shots of how the site looks, and make some cool images in paint on why they should sign up (to get that PC early is where you want it to head too).
    Finish up the video and don't worry about quality. Quality doesn't matter at all, as long as the video is longer than 20 seconds. Three or four motivational sentences.
    Upload that stuff on an alternative Youtube account and make sure you get some good keywords in there.
    [HR][/HR]5 - Using Blogger.com
    [HR][/HR]Make a post with only your referral url, and make some more posts where you randomly copy and paste stuff from random forums.
    Get the link from your blog and place it in the description of your youtube video.
    You now have done half of the work! o/
    [HR][/HR]6- Go Back to Exchange Sites
    [HR][/HR]Distribute SOME of those points over your video. Get it to around 40 likes and 280/290 views. (Don't over do it or you'll get your channel banned).
    Repeat these steps A LOT. Keep making videos, keep boosting them. Spread them on multiple accounts and upload lots of videos.
    NEVER put the referral to the beermoneysite, that will get you banned.
    Always use a blogger/wordpress and switch that one up too once in a while.
    [HR][/HR]7 - Now WHAT?
    [HR][/HR]99% of people randomly click through videos and will end up finding yours. 9/10 wont click the link, but the last one will.
    With enough videos you will get hundreds of hits on the beermoney site you chose, and the best part is that these people don't know about referrals, other beermoney sites, etc, so they will continue the fill out surveys to get their free Premium Currency.
    [HR][/HR]Thanks for reading and have fun!
    Follow my instructions to the point and you too will make money, just keep pushing and don't give up.
    [HR][/HR]NoteĀ¹: It probably works! But it takes work. So 99% of people here won't want to do it :p
    I myself am still considering the idea.
    NotesĀ²: Try to deliver content, like translating a guide to your language is a good idea. Also adding tips and tricks (for the game or for the beermoney website) in the same blog post you're putting your referral.
  2. paulwal

    paulwal Newbie

    Nov 7, 2014
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    BONUS.. Use this method and add a YouTube keyword tool. I use VideoCents(not sure of others out there). And get the tags that the top 20 videos are using along with the search volume for the keywords that you should target.