Best Way to Send 100-200 Emails/Day?

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    Ok, I'm looking for the best way to send no more than 100-200/emails per day for networking purposes. These emails will be non-optin and each message will be different/customized (which means I will have to send each email individually - so no email campaigns).

    Since I'm sending out so few emails, should I just rotate among a few free email accounts like Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail? Or should I just get a VPS and pay a freelancer to set it up for emailing purposes (w/rotation, rDNS, SPF, DKIM, etc.)?

    Since each email is customized it is critical that the option I choose has the highest chance of hitting the inbox.

    My Thoughts
    My concern is that the inbox rate may be lower if I send these emails from Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail, but I also feel it's a bit overboard to setup a custom VPS just for 500-1,000 emails/week. Of course I'm willing to do whatever it takes (money wise) to make sure the emails reach the inbox - so I'm open to all opinions.

    If you need an "example" of the type of emails I'd be sending, lets just "say" I'm building a website that advertises all the beer/wine/alcohol festivals and lists the vendors at each expo. I'd be sending no more than one email to each vendor asking which festivals they were attending so I could update that information on my website.

    P.S. - I already have Aweber and it won't work for this type of setup since the emails are non-optin and no two emails will be the same. I also cannot use my current server because it was recently hacked and used to send about 1MM emails in a 72/hour period making my current inbox rate pathetic.