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    I'm finishing up a website which I'll be marketing to musicians on MySpace. I can't spend any money on the marketing, but I'm willing to put in the time to do it manually if I can get the word out to enough people.

    I have the IDs of the musicians I'm trying to contact. There are about 200,000 that I want to contact initially over the course of a month or two. My original plan was to make about 150 accounts and then to add 50 friends per day and then to message each of them the next day. I figured this would let me fly under the radar. Unfortunately all my accounts got deleted before I got that far, even after verifying them. Even if that didn't happen I'm not so sure that I could send out requests on so many accounts from the same internet connection without getting noticed.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for how I can message 200,000 users with a non-spam message over the course of a month?
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    No clue, but next time, put at ? at the end of your thread title, so we know you have a question, and not a solution.
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    Do you know the basics of covering your tracks on the internet?

    Like changing your IP address after every account creation?
    Clearing all your private data and cookies after every account creation?
    Being sure to create a new email address for every account?

    Im guessing no. Do some reading on here about this sort of stuff.

    Its all about useing proxys, or if you have a dynamic IP connection you can get into your modem and change your IP that way. Look into Dynamic and static IP if you dont know what they are.

    Also get yourself Ccleaner and use that to clear your cookies ect after each account creation.

    That should keep you untraceable across multiple accounts.

    I haven't checked in on myspace in a log time, but you should be able to send out at least 20 PMs a day per account without attracting too much attention.