Best way to design services website?


Apr 26, 2014

I plan to develop a site where i will be marketing a range of web services across niches. The thing is, how do i go about this?

Do i start a full fledged e-commerce store? Or is that unnecessary as a lot of functionality is wasted as i deal with only digital goods and don't ship?

Is there a simpler way of doing this? I know many on here have sites where they display their services. If so, please do help a fellow member out!

Much appreciated
It depends on what you are going to promote. For example if you have 10+ services with fixed prices and the price is not $500 or more you can sell all of these like an ecommerce website. I would recommend WordPress with WooCommerce.
I recommend a wordpress site and check out inkthemes, appointway theme very powerful and easy to use appointment booking system.
Are you going to sell your service as well as products ?
If only services wordpress would be better.
If you even sell products/goods then you should prefer e commerce store.
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