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    maximum benefit from crazyflx's "Content Mixer" software

    Now that I've played with "Content Mixer" a bit and had a chance to work out some seeming bugs, I've found it a good program that can significantly increase your efficiency in creating bulk copy.

    1) The program's usefulness is heavily dependent on how your initial copy is prepared. In its current edition I think it works best if you:

    a) make sure everything is in straight ASCII text with no high-order characters;

    b) make sure each text file starts with the copy itself; i.e. don't begin with a CR, LF, or NL character;

    c) you'll have to remove periods from names etc. because the program treats all periods as the end of a sentence; e.g. use a search and replace to convert "J.F.K." to "JFK" or "J F K," "U.S." to "U S" or "US";

    d) the program does not seem to handle numerals very well so you want to remove them which may require you to rewrite copy a bit.

    This should properly prepare your text files for optimal mixing.

    2) You need to copy all of your text files to the directory where you have the "Content Mixer.exe" file.

    3) The program names all of the new files it creates "Article" followed by a space and a number.

    a) Since the program overwrites all "Article" files if they're in the direcory you want to either move them out of the directory or rename them.

    b) I've found that the utility program "ant renamer" works well, it's made as a portable app that doesn't require installation, and it's free.

    3) I've found that it's best to create separate directories for the files as they're modified at each step.

    a) Raw files taken straight off the net are titled "2Bpreped--dr-dogbert--nn" where "nn" is the number of the file;

    b) Files ready to import into "Content Mixer" are titled "2Bmixed--dr-dogbert--nn";

    c) Mixed files, i.e. those Content Mixer exports. labeled "Article n" etc. are renamed "mixed2Bedit--dr-dogbert--nn".

    d) You should give the "Article n" files a quick look to check for oddball lines caused by initials whose period you missed, strange sentence fragments, odd numerals you forgot to remove etc. but this doesn't take long once you've a little experience with how Content Mixer works;

    e) Finally, the output files you've just edited are titled "ready2post--dr-dogbert--nn".

    I run Windows XP and had the initial problems that several people reported here. I've found that the above procedures handle all the original problems I've faced and help maximize the program's utility. It is really an outstanding piece of little coding and the price can't be beat.
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    Thanks for the instructions, I could not get this to work until your explanation, thanks:)
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    so uhhh what happened to his content mixer cause i can't find it anywhere. did it get moved to vip section? i have it it's just i need the tutorials again.