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    Apr 7, 2011
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    I am looking for the best recommendations for 2 tools.

    1. Keyword finder to create list of suitable keywords around a core main term eg. Dentist, limited to a specific area or excluding geographic mention, google throws up a list including suffix/prefix of out of region locations as well as most tools I have tried.

    1a. Something that will give an accurate local (Australia) search volume indicator for up to 1000 keywords at a time.

    2. A SERP scraper that tackles both Places and organic listings on same page, with a limit function (first 100/500 results) and provides as much PR ordered, extracted data (url, Name, Address, email, phone, claimed, links etc) Tried a few and heading to gpscraper but am having the usual, getting it to work for free issue and not willing to pay until certain it will do what I want.

    Any help, much appreciated!
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    Also interested in peoples recommendations on this. Co-incidently also from Australia :p