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    Aug 11, 2009
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    At the moment I am using Scrapebox for my websites and I see good results, as organic traffic increased rapidly, however I would like to have another tool, which could help me to get more non-organic traffic (social bookmarking, twitter, facebook or other alternatives). I already tried bookmarkwiz and I was really disappointed because, despite a lot of software bugs, I was only able to get visible traffic from reddit, other social websites, which are supported by this software were useless for me, as I got almost no traffic (<10 visits per submission from all other social wesbites) and for backlinking scrapebox is much more powerful. I work with autoblogs, which are ''latest technology news'' related, so I thought, maybe a PressBot could be useful, but I don't know much about press releases, so all recommendations are welcome :rolleyes: