Best Techniques To Target Costumers !

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    Hello BHW members ..

    I would like to provide u an amazing technique to target costumers, costumers probably will buy your promoted products :D

    Before you start this technique you must know few things :
    2 - You need to get many books, as many as you can, you can download collections from torrent sites or from warez forums ... etc

    the technique is very easy, even 10 years old kid can do it :p

    1- choose several products to promote from clickbank, and make sure that those products related to almost all books types you have got.
    2 - now take an example book about parenting, put it in a new folder, and create your own page which you will use to post your affiliate link, you can do that easily by using any webpages building programs such as WYSIWYG or any other program, create the page, edit it very well, and make sure it is attractive for costumer, and also name the page with an attractive name, to get attention.
    3- put the webpage which you created and the book in one folder and compress them by using WinRAR.
    4- upload the file to any file sharing site you want, and share downloading links with people interested in your product, an example : a book about parenting, share it with parents, and when they download the file, they will see the book and also they will see the webpage you created, and surly you will choose a product related to the book, I mean, a product about parenting if the book which you are sharing talking about that, and when they download this file, and if they are really interested in this subject which your book talking about they may buy the product using your affiliate link .

    I just wanted to share with you my experience, I know what I said is not totally very clear because my english is very bad :( but if you have any questions write it down and I will answer your questions, something else, please don't complain I didn't ask for money or anything I gave you the method which I use simply.

    any questions write it below and I will answer them as when as I see them ..
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