Best site for PPC/or pay per view for INDIAN guy

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    Mar 7, 2013
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    Hi all im really noob in all this and new to BH but from heart i love this wensite ... i was sitting idle i love bodybuilding ( computer graduated ) . but for now free and wanted to make some buck for my diet Hence i thought i would ask u big brahs out thr that which is best site for image hosting ( wif no adult ads and do pay ) or a PPD ( without survey thing ) i tried a torrent post which was posted here liked the stuff but to my bad torrents dont allow zip file until m old user and pass thr terms. so plz suggest whats best ways i can earn it . i feel image hosting is good if i can connect that wid my fb and create a fan page . (but need to know a website without porn ads and pays in real for a indian guy). Thx for taking ur time out to read and i will b glad if u step ahead and guide me :)