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    Hello everyone,

    I'm a Portuguese young webmaster (wannabe) that is trying to help his offline life by earning money online. I've been earning since 01/2009, but I don't seem to get pass the 6$ daily. It really sucks because no matter how hard I work, my revenue doesn't seem to rise. I only use Adsense.

    So, I think that the best way to rise in the SERPs is by applying SEO methods that do work. But what are those?

    Here is what I really do for now:
    • Daily content (does this matter?)
    • Link directory submissions (only in my language)
    • One article in on GoArticles (i post links in the main article, is this correct?)
    • In-Page SEO (I think that I do this correctly)
    I've been reading some posts here in the forum and came across some serious questions (simple questions for you guys). So, here they are:
    • What is Angela's Backlinks? Does it work?
    • Do you recommend any golden SEO rule?
    That's it for now, I'm sure you will hear from me soon.

    PS: Sorry for my lousy English... As I said, I'm Portuguese and I only know English in an amateur level...

    Thank you all!

    Cheers :biggthump
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    Try with affiliate, and white hat seo, i think you can earn more money
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    -frequently updated content is good.
    -go articles is great, but don't leave out ezinearticles because you can get a lot of traffic through them.
    -on page seo - use the search. There are a ton of good guides on doing on page seo. It is pretty simple though.

    -Angela's backlinks - basically they are profile links on high PR domains. You can look around this site and learn a method to find similar links, but she only charges a small fee for her packets a month. It is best to probably subscribe to her service for a month or two, learn how to find the links, and then find your own from then on.
    -I'm not sure what you mean by "golden seo rule" - there is no magic bullet if that is what you mean. Again, look for a simple guide on seo and you will get the gist of what it takes to rank.

    Learn some basic seo, implement the methods and test. Then start a real project or two and start ranking those. It is a lot of trial and error when you first get started.
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    very good suggestion
    thx for sharing with us!