Best Security/SEO-Wise Social Networking Scripts?

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by Claviceps, Oct 25, 2009.

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    Hello. I am looking for something similar to the joomla addon Joomsocial but SEO + Security are a must.

    It is for a schools social network, what would you suggest ??
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    additionally to joomsocial you can also use community builder, or even take a look at alphapoints it has its own profile configuration and can also be used to make the site more interactive by awarding points to your users for completing certain tasks...

    for security i would use:

    Joomsef - its now a paid plugin for $30ish, as well as making your URLS search engine friendly, it also utilizes the honeypot project, stops for the most part SQL injections and also flooding

    take a look at lazy-backup2 for backing up your database, and/or joomla cloner for backing up your site in its entirety, lazybackup sends database to an email, with cloner you can chron your backup and ftp your files

    usertrace is also good for following users/IPS

    theres several captcha plugins you can use

    jsecure is also good as it masks your administrator page...

    additionally i would remove the generator tags that displays joomla in your header tags either manually if you know how, or get a plugin, i think joomsef will do this for you too...

    most importantly keep up to date with your scripts/addons make sure they are always the latest version...

    i have a similar site setup for a clients thats aimed specifically at school children too - so we have to be on top of security too, theoretically you can be very specific with who can register/login too, joomla is very flexible like that you just need to know how and where! lol

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