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    Hi there,

    a client of mine has the brandname abcde and missed it to register - now they run their company site on
    Unfortunately is used for (private, non commercial) dice gambling related stuff which puts the company in a bad light.
    They tried to force the handout of the domain with a lawyer directly and pushed it very hard. The domain owner locked down the communication and never responded back because he now hates company abcde and would never give them the domainname.

    Now, they gave me the job to ask as a "neutral, unrelated person" for this domain. The content online on it is only garbage. I can offer a few K for it, but I have never been into domaining so I don't want to mess it up.

    Can anyone share a best practice for cases like this? Simply drop an email with an offer or are there more tactical ways?

    Thanks for your answer