Best Merchant Account for Authorize.Net

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    I am responsible for the marketing & administration of our company's eCommerce site. I get paid a commission of the sales. We are currently using as our payment processor and CyberSource as our Merchant account. However CyberSource seem to be charging quite a bit for its services.

    When we sighed up for we automaticly were given an account with CyberSource. I would like to shop around for a merchant account with lower fees. My commission works like this (Total Sales) - (Credit Card Fees from CyberSource) - (Shipping Costs) X (My commission rate) = My commission.

    As you can see if I can lower our merchant fees from CyberSource I will get a larger commission.

    Our site averages about $20,000 in sales a mount
    Our average transaction is $127.82

    Can anyone recomend a different merchant provider that we can switch to to lower our fees?
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    There are tons of merchant banks that work with Big long list here:

    I'd call up two or three, send them your most recent statement and see what they can do for fees. It is pretty easy to make the switch within

    You should also send a note to CyberSource and ask if they could re-evaluate your rates. Tell them you are shopping providers and want to make sure that you have their best rates. If your business is growing, this seems to pretty consistently deliver reduced rates and that is without you having to make any changes at all.