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    Iam a beginner in building links so if you guys could give me some tips that would be great.
    I read some guides about tumblrs, many said they are great for ranking sites,so i bought a shitload of expired tumblrs, but today i saw its changed already and they are not that valuable anymore.I have built High Pr profile links: vimeo,flickr,pinterest etc...i have a list of 20+ sites already. I am looking for some other way to build links manually without softwares and expensive articles. What kind of links are the best for new websites?
    Thanks a lot.
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    Fortunately almost all of the highest quality links you build are not automated. I prefer, and get much better results, with web 2.0s, parasites, private blog network posts and guest posts with high quality manually written unique content formatted properly and with images or a video included as well when possible and hand made accounts/profiles all filled out with good information that appears like a real person. I only use automation/tools for tier 2 or tier 3 links these days really.

    I do personally pay a VA for good articles because it does make a difference but you can certainly do it yourself, authority propeties should be dripped (added slowly over time) in anyways especially at first so just set aside an hour to write 3-5 articles each day and you'll have a ton of quality properties done in just a month or two st no cost.

    If you want I recently did a write up on exactly how I build a high quality link, the post focuses on .edu blog posts/web 2.0s but you can apply this method to any authority site, you could make a free blog on and use this exact method just with that as your tier 1 authority property instead of the .edu as an example my method is the same for both. So if you have a minute check it out should give you an idea of exactly what I currently do that works very well for me:

    If you want a list of generic high authority sites to post to there are MANY of them posted on BHW just do a search for like authority web 2.0s or something I dunno but you should have no issues finding the most popular 50 or 100 here anyways.
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