Best Incentive Apps/Scripts - 2011

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    Hi all,

    As you may have seen the old thread here:

    The majority votes (2009) go to FSRevolution. What's interesting is that many sites (see list below from that old thread)


    have gone out of business, leaving with the surviving GPT sites as shown here:

    1) FSRevolution
    2) ShiftCode
    3) MyEasyScripts (Projekt IRS)

    I decided to do some research and found several other sites that was not mentioned anywhere here, and want to share the updated GPT providers below to help you decide on which one you want for your GPT site:

    Code: (#1 choice, based on features) (good one) (Facebook) (Wordpress - using cppppleeeed)
    Please feel free to list any other additional GPT scripts/providers here as needed.

    Hope it helps.
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