Best Guides / Lists for Footprints? Free Firefox Tool & Tips

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    May 20, 2010
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    I am having a search around and need to get a good list of footprints. I have seen some here:

    And randomly see them around are there any big lists available here?

    A tip for some ppl too is to check this out:

    Use G00gle and set searches to 100 in search setting then use Link Gopher to harvest the links. Also heard good things about Scrape Genius but never got round to using.

    I am not black hat enough to use things like Scapebox although will have to have a play at some point.

    Please point out any decent lists of footprints. Maybe we could use this thread to post the best lists in one thread?

    Any help would be excellent. I have been searching but havent found much.

    Apologies for URLs it wouldnt let me post them properly :(