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    So I have this best friend. We talk sports, girls, cars, the normal guy stuff. Then this girl came into our lives. We all hung out together for a good 3 months. Then they hooked up. They became boyfriend and girlfriend. Now I can't stand being around them.

    We used to hang out every other day but now it's been about once a month. With my newly found free time I'm on BHW and making money online. Last Friday we all went drinking at the local bar. And by the end of the night I finally snapped and told them I'm not hanging out with them anymore.

    The girl was really cool to hang out with before they became a couple but now she has domesticated my friend. I don't know why she's so territorial, when I'm a guy and this is my best friend. If I talk about hot girls in front of them then they get into a fight. She constantly asks me if they make a cute couple. Always making him say I love you in front of me. She always tries to cuddle with him and make him talk like all cutesy. We normally talk about MMA and sports. It's just wrong on so many levels.

    Honestly I don't mind if they do that in private. But they've been dating for 3 months now. Why do it in public places? More importantly why do it in front of me???

    They don't act like that in a larger group. Just in front of me. Not that it matters anymore. I vowed never to hang out with them together again. I'll hang out with the guy but never both of them together.

    I guess this is just my way of venting. Any opinions on the matter would be greatly appreciated.

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    It's just what people do. The lovey duvvy stuff is their way of showing their ridiculous infatuation with each other and in a few more months they will either be disgusted by it too or engaged.

    If they're happy leave them alone and let them know you understand and are always there for them with open arms. They will usually reciprocate with at least a sacrificial slut friend for you to play with. Do it right and it could be a regular flow of non-committal dates... all courtesy of your great friends.

    Growing up sucks some times. Mostly when you are the last one to do it...

    Just saying.