Best Free Autoresponder?


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May 4, 2013
Hello, I'm wondering what is the best free auto-responder? I've heard many people say "Oh just use a free autoresponder for your emails if it applies". Yet they never give details on who they are referring to. The way my method works is I post something to the public, they shoot me an email, and I respond. I'm tired of manually copying and pasting the emails to people because there are so many emails I get a day. So please, if anybody knows a good free autoresponder please let me know.

Thank you for your time!
I think gmail has a feature for "if you're on vacation, blah blah blah", so it's an autoresponder. I'm not 100% sure, I haven't used gmail for some time, but I do think that was the way to do it.
If you are just looking to send automatic responses to emails that you receive almost any online email service will do using the Vacation responder feature. If you are looking to start an email marketing campaign and need an opt in form to grow your list, reachmail in my opinion is by far the best free option
you can try GetResponse it has 30 days free trial..
i think that is one of the best autoresponders and if you know what are you doing you will get your money back + more!
So there's basically two different things meant by "autoresponder" reflected in the previous replies.

Which one do you want?

One is just an automated response to any email you get - like a "I'm away for a few days but will get back to you when I'm back". It's plain and simple.

The other is the Aweber, GetResponse, etc type of autoresponder which is a completely different animal. They're for marketing campaigns and list building, that type of thing.
Google auto responder if you're only doing 1 msg per lead. The Bat by Ritlabs if more.
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