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Apr 15, 2011
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Hi all,

I would like to get started on creating fan pages and iframes for those pages. Which software/guides can you guys recommend to get started? I found some, but they were all outdated or reviewed poorly.

Thanks for your input!
Can you explain a lil more what you mean? Are you talking about iframing your website in your fanpage? If yes try static html iframe tab :)
Thanks for your reply. This is what I posted in another thread but applies to this.

I want to work with some restaurants in my hometown to promote their business on Facebook.

What I am thinking of is the following:
Update the Facebook page or create it with a nice frame which looks like the website if available.
Create menu's in Facebook where the startes and other menu's of the restaurant will be displayed with prices (and easy to be updated by owner of restaurant)
Liking the page will give you a one time x% discount in the restaurant excluding drinks or will entitle you to get the special facebook menu for just 20 euro's for example.
Checking into the restaurant when visiting will get you a free drink (glass of beer/soda or coffee)
Have a CPM campaign on Facebook telling people that a like will get you the discount

I would love to hear your comments on this, do you think this can succeed and did you implement this strategy already to increase reservations/customers. I think restaurants see a decline in visitors in january/february... that is what I am aiming for to increase their visits.

Also, what would you charge a restaurant.

Another question I have is... which services/products would you use to create the Facebook page? No experience in this field tbh but do think it is a great idea.
Use Serif Web 5 Plus or Wysiwyg Web Builder 8 these two can make excellent facebook pages.

merry xmas
if you are just designing page, prolly get between $250-$500 just depends on how much you think they are willing to spend and how good you can make the page and then if you are going to run it for them throw on a monthly charge
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