Best Connection to your MassPlanner VPS

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    I found this by mistake. But it works great. I am running MassPlanner through a VPS.

    Previously, I used to connect to the VPS via an RDP and then through Chrome Remote Desktop App. Needless to say, both of the are lagging a bit.

    But, one night, by mistake, I tried to connect to my VPS via TeamViewer. A remote access, remote assistance software. Mainly developed for support teams. As I understood, this app does not connect via PORTS, as an RDP, but over the Internet.

    However, is responding faster than an RDP or Chrome.

    How to test it on your VPS:
    1. Install it on your VPS and PC
    2. Connect it at the same time with your RDP
    3. Right-Click on your VPS's Desktop to click refresh.

    This way you will see which one is returning faster and displays the right-click menu for refresh.

    Maybe this is common knowledge, and I am late to the use of teamviewer. Feel free to say it and I will close the thread if so.