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Aug 29, 2009
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What do you guys think is the best CMS to use?

I think the top ones are joomla and wordpress.
wordpress ez - added benefit is google especially likes
Joomla Vivvo, Wordpress. Or none with PHP include.
For me Wordpress is the best CMS.
Joomla is ok, but too many options I dont need for small sites.
Actually the whole Google friendliness with WP is just crap! Any website that shows that it's made of static pages is admired by Google.

I vote for Wordpress though! User Friendly, Quick, Ez, Powerful!
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WP here. But haven't played around alot with Joomla yet.
Drupal always worked for me. Learning curve is quite high, but it's quite powerful cms. It has huge community working on it, so you can always get help from someone.

Go with Wordpress if you want quick results.
For beginners and people who want to get started fast, Wordpress. Joomla is also great, and it offers amazing features as well as a wide catalog of professional templates, but I'd start with WP then move into Joomla.
I use my own CMS, which I wrote.
For some type of sites I use joomla (dont like mess with DB in it), WP, or Quick.CMS for minimal site ;) Sometimes Typo is also a good option.
Everything depends on the use......Most of the open source CMS is really good.
I've been using MODx lately and I have been loving it. It's very easy to customize. It doesn't use "themes" like most other CMS. It uses CSS templates.

You simply insert chunks, snippets, or template variables into the CSS template like:

<div id="header">

<div id="content">

I'm not good with php, but if you are, from what it sounds like, you can make it do pretty much whatever you want very easily.
If you are a developer and like to do extensive customizations I would suggest Drupal otherwise Wordpress is pretty good.
For small fast loading niche sites GetSimple is the best .. Installs in a minute ..

i wanna say wordpress but i need to find something on a smaller scale for small sites i make for clients... ima try some listed here :)
Try out, they use CSS classes to insert the "CMS" portion on any site, very simple to use... an alternative is (i like surreal better tho)
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