Best (cheaper) Payoneer Partner?

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    Aug 31, 2014
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    Hello BHW :)

    So I am planning to order a Payoneer card. You can get a payoneer card from directly payoneer or one of their partners (like odesk, freelancer etc).

    Interesting thing is, their fees varies from partner to partner. I am looking for a partner who has the best deal with Payoneer .. something like, no monthly or yearly account maintenance fees (I hate that), and low atm withdrawal fees. I don't care about activation fees because its only one time. Also loading fees doesn't matter as it will also vary from partner to partner.

    I'll basically get money by their US payment service, private loads and sometimes from Payoneer partners. Then I'll withdraw them by ATM. So cheaper is better :)

    Please suggest me a partner from your experience.