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Discussion in 'Making Money' started by AR!ZONA, Sep 15, 2012.

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    I've been going through the cart solutions for my site, and I've recently found what I think is the best option for small operations:

    Mal's E-Commerce

    I tried wp e-commerce, eshop, simplecart, PP buttons, but the best one so far is Mal's. Let me count the ways I love it:

    uno) It's a totally free shopping cart that's hosted on Mal's servers, which means it won't slow down your site with extra code.
    dos) It has its own SSL so you don't have to pay extra for hosting.
    tres) It's totally configurable for things like taxes/shipping.
    cuatro) You can design it to match your site (uploading images.. like slices) so it looks like the customer stayed on your site when they go to checkout.
    cinco) It doesn't provide any merchant services, but allows you to use whichever you'd like, i.e. PP, moneybookers, or your own merchant.
    seis) It's not a plugin, so you can run it on joomla, wp, html, or whatevski.
    siete) You can setup/track affiliates(!)
    ocho) It's fucking free. No commissions.

    I actually haven't made sales through it yet (I'm still in product development), so I can't testify to it "actually working" or it "not saving customer's CC info" so this may just be a totally fraud.

    But I doubt that.

    Anyways give it a shot if you want something lite, but not "stupid PP button" lite.

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