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    Alright mods I do apologize if this is not allowed anymore please delete my thread or notify me as I didn't see it in the full terms.

    I see a plethora a BHW services here popping up everyday for Linkwheels, mininets and backlinking. I know this question may sound a bit broad and everyone will have their own experience, yet I would like to hear from current/past users in their eyes what is the best BHW service for Linkwheels and mininets.

    Please do not tell me to look at an OP's number of thanks of number of posts as this may not indicate the real value of their services. I'd rather hear from actual users about their GOOD experiences. I'm not here also to have people bashing other people etc. saying "oh yeah this one is really crap etc." so please stay civil and bring objective opinions based on past experience.

    Thanks =)
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