Best autoblogging plugin?


May 22, 2009

Bought some domains for a autoblogging project,
and I'm about to choose a plugin for my wordpress site.
Haven't tried any before, but I've got access to WProbot and WPMAGE.

Which plugin works the best for you?
What makes it superior to other plugins?

I use both autoblogged and wp robot, autoblogged for feeds and wp robot for keywords.
Best plugin for what purpose? Autoblogging is not just about the content. If you mean content generation then go with WP Robot. Guest blogger can come in handy to when doing content mashups.
I recently finished my first autoblog. Here are the plugins I use:

- wp o matic (for rss feed autoposting)
tip: for each campaign, only use 1 rss feed.
tip: use g00gle reader to create a massup of a few feeds. then use the the g00gle reader rss for each wp o matic campaign.

currently wp o matic is autoposting about 27 campaigns to my autoblog. 1 cron job per day. all is working fine.

- wp answers. lite version

- wp videotube. free version

i am using wp robot, and you can try too. try to make modifying the template, and use more template for one post.
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