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Best Affiliate Programs and MLM

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by cybernegocios, Jan 24, 2014.

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    Aug 30, 2013
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    Why Wenyard? Why join Wenyard? Joining Wenyard is a NO Brainer Decision!

    Let me explain what I mean.
    When you join Wenyard as an Executive Broker for ?795 you receive ?1200 of WFOs, the virtual currency created by Wenyard to buy shares in their virtual stock exchange called the NASGO.
    Don't worry if you know nothing about shares and stocks because I had never purchased a share in anything in my life until Wenyard and I was a complete investment dummy!

    You take that ?1200 of WFOs and you buy shares in the NASGO which I have been doing.
    The GOOD NEWS is the value of those shares has already tripled in just a matter of a week.
    The REALLY GOOD NEWS is after 30 days of buying the shares I have the OPTION of SELLING those shares and cashing out the profits as REAL MONEY.

    I could also leave my shares invested in the NASGO companies and let them GROW in value.
    The POINT is I can get my initial outlay BACK with a profit by having FUN and LEARNING how to buy and sell shares and I only need to spend as little as 15 mins a day doing it.
    That's a NO BRAINER decision.
    But WAIT, it gets even better.
    If I share Wenyard with others and let's say 3 people decide to join and do what I did I can receive up to ?75 Euros a week of WFOs that I can buy shares with, then SELL those shares and cash out.
    If say 6 people joined I could quickly start receiving ?250 a week in WFOs.
    If 9 joined I could be earning up to ?1500 a week of WFOs that I could use to buy shares, then SELL, and the cash out the profits.
    What would it take for you to get a pay rise equivalent to ?250 a week?
    What would it take to get a pay rise of ?1500 a week?
    Now remember, every person that joins has the SAME benefits you do where they can get their initial outlay back and also create a weekly passive income of WFOs that could lead to a weekly passive CASH income.
    That is truly a NO BRAINER decision.
    By the way, there are lots of other ways to earn MORE WFOs and CASH income with Wenyard but I just wanted to give you the SIMPLE plan that shows you can...
    1. Get your initial outlay back FAST!
    2. Create a serious part or full-time weekly income with as little as a 30 minute investment of time each day!
    Don't over think this. Its a NO BRAINER. If you need more information please visit my website. If you are ready to just make that no brainer decision and start then JOIN NOW and get your Executive Broker Pack and get ready to make some serious money!

    Who are the Wenyard management team Meet the decision makers!

    [h=3]They often say a company is only as good as the people making the decisions.

    The Wenyard management team are highly skilled, experienced professionals, who have navigated Wenyard through the first 100 days of pre-launch.

    They created industry 'record breaking' growth, with ultimate precision and skill.
    [/h]Jacob Hughes - CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
    CEO is the head of the company?s management team. The CEO puts into operation the strategies and tactics decided by the board of directors.
    Jacob has over 25 years? experience in working with high growth businesses and early stage operations. He has shown that he has the ability to create solid solutions and sustainable systems which will secure the longevity of Wenyard Ltd.
    Jacob Griffiths - CFO (Chief Financial Officer)
    CFO is the head of all financial operations, This includes payments and accounting as well as treasury and cash management.
    Luis joined Wenyard in April 2013 as Chief Financial Officer. In this role he is instrumental in building the Wenyard management team and internal systems. Since he arrived he has shown his great skills in practice as all the complex systems and calculations have been delivered on schedule.
    Alexander Ivanov - CTO (Chief Technical Officer)
    A CTO is responsible for all hardware, software, IT development and operations.
    Alexander has held the position as CTO of Wenyard since August 2013. He has 22 years prior experience in this field, both as a programmer and as a software architect. As the main person responsible for all IT systems and developments he has had a busy time in Wenyard. Alexander and his team are responsible for all software development and implementation of technology in Wenyard and NASGO. Alexander has a Masters Degree in computer science and more than two decades of experience in project management.
    Anna Bailey - COO (Chief Operating Officer)
    COO is the hands on officer in the management team. Our COO is the main responsible for all operations, both technical and systems operations.
    In November 2012, Anna was appointed Chief Operating Officer. In this role, she has full managerial responsibility for these important areas. Her main focus during spring 2014 is on processes, solutions for NASGO players and achieving faster growth. After Jacob Hughes, our CEO, Anna is the most senior member of the Wenyard Management team.
    Joy Thompson - Head of Marketing and Public Relations
    Reports to the COO.
    Joy organizes all marketing activities, information systems and coordinates all activities related to external and internal information processes.
    Christian Hernandez - Head of Network Relations
    Reports to the COO.
    Organizing all interaction between company and the network of members.
    Christian is responsible for maintaining working relationships within the existing Wenyard network. Working directly with top leaders to build exceptional relationships and provide excellent member service.
    Sameer Gupta - Head of support
    Reports to the COO
    Head of Support is responsible for the support operations and shall further develop and improve the company?s support systems. As the operations grow, the support team is one of the most important teams in order to maintain customer satisfaction. Understanding the customers? needs and priorities are the most important focus points for Head of Support.
    Tara Stark - Game Manager
    Wenyard game programmers are the core component to all games production. They create the code and functions that form the foundation in the entire Wenyard and NASGO system.
    Tara has 10+ years of experience in computer programming, computer engineering and software development working for several game development studios. She now leads our skilled team of programmers and developers.

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