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Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by sackboy127, Apr 30, 2010.

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    Hi there,

    I'm a complete rookie, I've just started making my first CPA blog promoting Consumer Expression surveys that offer participants the chance to win free stuff (free lunch for a year at certain places or gift cards for ex.).

    I'm planning to promote the site by making referral pages based on keywords, but I'm not sure what kinds of keywords I should go for.

    So I'm planning to write articles to Ezine and place a link to my related blogpost in the end, but should the keywords be in general about the company I promote or related specifically to my offer (I mean like "XY review" or "free XY gift card")?

    Please help me out, I'm a bit stuck in here.

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    You need to compile a list of main keywords that are relative to your CPA offers to start. After identifying these, you should research them individually, and choose a few long tail keywords that have a good search volume, and target those.

    The main thing you want to focus on is what will bring you the most traffic. 'free XY giftcard' may bring you the most traffic, but you should aim for those long tail keywords that you can rank for easily at first. When you have some good positions for them, at that point, I would suggest you try to tackle your main keywords (although this is often a benefit of long tail keywords).

    Some of your long tail keywords may very well include your main keywords, and so, your SEO efforts will also boost your rank for them as well. You probably won't get top rankings, but you'll have less work to do when you try to get them up to the top spots.
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    Also, try using software like micro niche finder or market samurai. As these will greatly help you.