Beginner ..Gonna Start PPV ,Read and opinions please ...

Discussion in 'Pay Per View' started by anurag007, Oct 4, 2014.

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    So basically i work in cpa and i'm tired of youtube now because of the saturation of noobs in there with LQ videos and stuff , and i don't wanna try seo as it seems all greek to me , so i made some good cash in cpa and would like to invest that into PPV ..i'm thinking about starting a lead impact account ,most people suggested me to try others with lower deposits but from what i've learned i understood that if you need some good conversions and some quality traffic , Leadimpact and Trafficvance are the best ones ...

    So what i've learned from PPV are the following
    1.PPV is pay per view in the form of popups,popunder and banners.

    2.We have to place the bid as per the keyword we provide and test each campaign for atleast 24 hours before increasing or decreasing the bid , in the 24 hours , based on the conversions we increment or decrement ..also there are fake bids out there which we should take care of .

    3.I have mixed opinions about the landing page or direct cpa offer page option , i'm just gonna try 2 campaigns , one with LP and one direct to the CPA offer.

    4.The Concept of target url is a bit confusing to me ,i'm still researching about this, i hope someone would explain about this to me here.

    These are the stuff which i know about PPV , so what do u think ? should i jump and make an account already and test things out ? or wait for more info ? or join some lower deposit account first [if yes, please state which one] Thanks a lot.
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    If $1k is an affordable testing budget for you, go ahead. If that would be a substantial loss assuming the campaign doesn't return positive ROI, find a cheaper network and do more testing first.
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    PPV is a Good source for Traffic. Basically You can make Money from anything, If you know about your Traffic and what you want from traffic. What type of Offer you want to test, and What keywords, Or what LP's that all matters.