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    Greetings BlackHatWorld

    I'm looking at writing some articles for cash while I build up my autoblog empire. I'm a non-US resident and have a few questions.

    I consider myself a good team player but a bad leader. Is it worth it to join a content writing team under someone who sells the team's services? Where could I advertise myself to join such a team?

    Secondly, I've attached two samples of my work. Stylistically, can this kind of writing make me money online or would I better off learning how to write keyword-embedded, SEO-friendly articles instead?

    P.S. Although they're not exactly great articles, I ask that you please don't use them without my permission. One of them is a college essay and my university has advanced plagiarism software that crawls the web and checks for duplication :eek:

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    your articles were not bad just a few grammar issues that are okay its for blogs not for school really are those rewrites or original content? and if you use your own articles for blogs i dont think they cant be called autoblogs anymore :D you can make money with any content if you choose the right keyword and put on good content on your blogs the less competitive the keyword the more likely for you to get traffic to your blogs
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    Your writing style is fine, writing keyword targeted text is a joke if your a native english speaker. Most likely you're over thinking it, just see if you can get yourself a few low paying easy jobs to help build your confidence and then take it from there. Once you have managed to process how everything works a little better in your own head you'll figure out how to make money from running your own blogs in no time.