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    Hello all,

    I am willing to start to work with SM affiliate program but I don't how to start since its been a long time since I last programmed.

    I have a couple of (dumb) questions, and I'm sorry fot that but I really hope someone can help me out.

    Here are the basic questions:

    - What kind of programming knowledge do I need to start working with MTree? (HTML, PHP, SEO, etc)
    - I need to develop my own website to make use of your tools right?
    - Does it interfere with other affiliate members or I should not be worried about it?

    Please, don't make fun of me for those stupid questions, I am really lost and tried google it a lot but I haven't found a begginers guide to enter this bussiness.

    Please guys, if someone can, help me out. I would be really gratefull!

    Thanks in advance!