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    We are all victims of it. We finish typing out our post, a quick spell check, ask your mother what she thinks, and it's that gratifying feeling of accomplishment that often makes us push that button and post it into digital eternity with the lasting hope of shaking the world.

    Yes, it feels pretty damn good and it's as addictive as caffeine but how many of you actually schedule your articles to post at a different time or day?

    The objective of this thread is to discuss the ideal time and day of the week that we should be posting our material. Just like TV, the internet is also subject to prime time, should we be riding it? Or avoiding it? How many of you have your blogs configured to propagate your posts to a zillion different social medias like Twitter & Facebook without thinking twice about the negative impacts of flooding these channels all at the same time with the same material.

    I have enjoyed a lot more success by manually promoting my blog posts using the various social media sites at different intervals. But I would still like to know the ideal day of the week and time of day that we should all be posting, wouldn't you?