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    I see a lot of people on the forums asking the question: ?Should I buy X software?? Scrapebox, SENukeX, AMR, etc. etc. etc. Let's ignore the fact that there are DOZENS of forum topics on BHW that speak to the merits of each software.

    In most cases, the poster is asking ?is this software good.? What they should be asking is ?will I earn a return on investment if I buy this software.?

    A lot of that depends on the user of the tool. Tools in and of themselves can make IM easier, but they won't actually make you money. Only the effective use of them to build sites will pay off the more expensive tools.

    However if we ignore site building for the time being, one of the easiest ways to pay off an IM tool is to perform services on Fiverr. Seller posts ?I will do an 8000 backlink blast for $5.? The cost of doing this gig is relatively low. So for the purposes of this, let's just use Fiverr gigs as the way we will get a return on our software investment.

    By taking the initial and re-occurring cost of the software and calculating the number of Fiverr gigs it will take to pay it off, we can see how fast the investment can be made back. You can do this with any program, I'm just going to do this with Scrapebox b/c I see this question being asked more than any other recently.

    Actual Scrapebox program: $57 one time only fee using the BHW discount.

    Proxies: $0
    -Private Proxies, a must imo if you're going to do many successful blasts, can cost $18/month.*
    *There are proxies out there that can be found without a fee that only cost the time it takes to find them and check them (you might call them ?free,? but that would be wrong. The amount your time is worth varies depending on a lot of things, but it might be less expensive just to take an hour or so out of your day to find them and check them. For me it's not, but let's say that we're trying to pay this off as fast as possible).

    Auto-Approve Lists: $0
    -They're everywhere on the forums. You can purchase them, or you can harvest them yourself.

    Your time, writing good comments, spinning, learning how to use the program, etc.: $0
    -Let's also stipulate that all this stuff here is that's needed to do before you even try to payoff scrapebox is ?free.? But if you can't commit the time to learn how to use it properly, then there's no point in buying it in the first place.

    Initial investment is $57.00. That's it.

    Here is what our yearly costs will be for Scrapebox:


    Things get a little trickier if we want to use private proxies. Those will run you $18.00 using Squid Proxies.


    That's $273.00 for a whole year.

    Now, Fiverr takes one dollar out of every gig you do, so your payoff on each SB blast is $4.00. Even so, you can pay off the Scrapebox program in 15 Fiverr gigs, and even make a little profit out of it. Then after those blasts, it's free forever. That's practically a no-brainer in my opinion.

    Paying off the software and the proxies every month will take you much more time, but that's really only one fiverr gig every five days per year.

    Not to mention Scrapebox is so versatile, you can do many things with it such as scrape phone numbers for offline marketing, get links indexed, check backlinks and page rank, scrape keywords, etc. This is in almost any case a good buy.

    You can perform this type of analysis on any software, from AMR to SENuke, toXRumer with a copy of OpenOffice and the costs of each tool. But just know that there is a reoccurring cost to almost any software you buy including proxies, captcha solving and monthly/yearly service fees.

    So before asking the question "Should I buy X software?" do this analysis and answer the question yourself. Keeep in mind that the only question that really needs to be answered is ?can I earn back those costs.? If the answer is yes, then buy. If it's no then order one-off services.
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    I purchased scrapebox some time ago now.

    Never thought of offering the services on fiverr, going to look more into it now.
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