Before I start... One last question.

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    Ok, before I start doing this, buying some articles, spinning, and getting ready to post some T2's and T3's, I have a question which may have been covered but I am not sure that it has.

    I am using SeNuke XCr, and ScrapeBox, BAS, Proxies.

    So here is my plan, and this is what I (probably everyone else reading this as well) would like to do.

    SeNuke comes with so many sites. That is great. Based on Matt's Nuke tutorial, we can add over 400 more sites to work with SeNuke. That is great as well.

    What I would like to do, is to be able to find the required SB footprints to be able to scrape in SeNuke Properties like Article Beach, Pligg, PHPMotion along with my keywords.

    Example: I have my keywords, and I have my own merge list (not footprints). I would like to do another merge with one SeNuke Property, for example, Article Beach. That way I could scrape for sites using my keywords, merged keywords to help, and having them all pertain to that specific web property.

    This way, my SB results will be filled with "article beach" sites that may or may not be in SeNuke, I can manually add them in by... trimming to root in SB, and then doing "New Account Creation Project", "Add New Sites", and then add them to the Article Directory-Article Beach Option. And then so on for every available Web Property that I can add.

    Also, I will be able to actually use the ScrapeBox results with SeNuke rather than be limited to Wordpress, BlogEngine, and Movable Type.

    So basically, is there an easy way to pull the footprints of every SeNuke supported platform? I'm assuming this is probably and automated process in UD. :/

    Please Advise, and thanks in advance,

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