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    Dan Kennedy is famous for saying ?You don?t own a service business. You own a business that markets services.?

    That quote gave me a bright idea the other day (even David Preston said it was a good idea) that I want to share with you , and feel free to steal it make a bunch of money with it?. Just send me an email about it when you have success.

    Ok, so here?s the whole conversation as it played out in my head?

    If a person, say an electrician, decided to step back and think they have a ?business that sells electricians services? they could easily double or triple their income, and do a whole lot less work in the process?

    That person could start a business with a general name like ?Midwest Electricians Group? (MEG for the rest of this example) and then contact all the other electricians in the area and present them with a brokering style opportunity, much the same way Real Estate works.

    What do I mean? Ok let me get a little deeper?.

    So say you start MEG. You then contact all the other electricians around and say ?join my organization and you can save thousands of dollars a year on advertising. You?re probably paying way to much and getting very little results, so instead of wasting your money, get under the umbrella of MEG and we?ll do the promotion work for you.?

    So then you start charging everyone who joins $300 a month to be part of your organization.

    You than start producing advertising for all media under the MEG name.
    All business starts coming through you and you simple divvy out the work evenly to all the members of the organization.

    Everyone gets to keep their own business but doesn?t have to find work themselves. Hell, they could even have little ?MEG approved service? on the side of their truck. (This could turn into a small local staple like the BBB all in itself)

    The Electricians can do what they want to do (which is electrical work) and they don?t have worry about advertising ? and at the same time you are creating a large recurring income that won?t fluctuate much because these guys are counting on your service to get them jobs.

    The beauty of this is in it?s simplicity.

    If you have 20, or 50, or 100 Electricians paying you $300 a month? You still only need to run one ad. Because you are simply promoting the MEG brand that everyone else is paying to be part of.

    The whole thing could easily be run from a 2 person office and be ?full-time? in about 20 hours a week.

    (Small disclaimer: this is just an idea. I?m sure there are some kind of issues with being considered a General Contractor in the electricians field. However you could apply this model to just about any business from freelance artists to sex toy party reps.)
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    This is the same as offline directory marketing. This method had been discussed since last year. It is good that you came up with something like this by yourself, but it's been on this forum for awhile now, nothing new unfortunately.
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    Thanks for your efforts, your real competitors are national/regional companies like Service Magic... Still, I'd say go for it, as even those companies dont have Every tradesman signed up yet!
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    The nice thing is you could just rip the pages out of the yellow pages to start, BUT most of them would be sceptic with money-in-front: I would try it on a provision scheme, just make'em sign an agreement, and when you have a contract for them, you earn a %...