Beating Penguin Slap - What are You Doing?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by ntnsllc, May 1, 2012.

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    Has anyone seen recovery from Penguin yet? I have seen one site recover completely without having to do anything. Another one recovered partially just by blasting a bunch of my existing tier one sites. Seemed pretty easy to do. I'm curious if anyone else is experiencing similar things. What are you doing to overcome the Penguin? The sites that recovered for me were just spam test sites I use to test really low quality backlink tactics. I haven't had a single client affected by Penguin, but prospective clients are asking what they can do to recover. So I'm curious what everyone else is seeing.
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    I am very interested in finding out how SEO's will shift their strategies, from what I have been reading, it seems that quality content will be one big factor
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    Content is the way to go but G most of the time is unreasonable
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    like in every previous update, i think we should wait a bit more until making damage control and trying to fix what's broken
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    I'm starting to see a recovery. Only had 1 site hit. Was too agressive with the tags, which were all indexed. Many were on just 1 post. Have deleted them And submitted url removal requests in GWT. Very careful not to do any linking so I wouldn't pollute the test. Signs are looking up so far. Will post a case study when enough time has elapsed to show true results.
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    I decided to start linking campaigns for my hard hit penguin sites. Some of sites survived and went much higher and others died completely. no de indexed but algorithm slap.

    We must understand this is an algorithm slap. So as always it can be gamed. So what we know is that Google is reacting to over optimization.

    so this is mostly going to be through backlinks. They probably made profiles and used the same tools we do, to create backlinks and then studied them and built their algorithm update around them. Knowing what clues to find by using the same tools and methods we do they would be able to create an over optimization profile.

    So, how do we beat this mess ? is by changing our own strategy to game the new algorithm.

    So we know Google cannot read context via a robot (algorithm) they can only get signals. Signal would be anchor text and concentration of backlinks coming from certain sites, or fitting a certain profile.

    First thing then we must do is to change our techniques on how we build backlinks. We must add more backlink sources to the pot. Some of us will actually have to do manual backlinking can you believe that ? I would recommend really though hiring a press release guy who can get your links on major publications and newspapers , someone who uses probably ibusiness or what ever that site is called. they distribute to most newspapers online.

    Next is to change how we use anchor text. Obviously over optimization is the same as they always had but much stricter. Before to beat an over optimization penalty we would have to add more and diverse backlinks. While this is still true. Google has caught on and now we must use an organic method. Meaning we must find a large number of anchor text to use that seems organic such as :link,click here ; more. site url, etc, etc.

    I think we probably going to have to make 60 percent of our backlinks seem organic to get over the penalty.

    Another major factor is inclusion of your links to twitter and facebook and google +. It appears Google has decided to put more emphasis on social signals. This is pretty easy to do and no explanation really needed. We can easily, especially those with wordpress sites use some plugins to automatically load our posts and pages to those sites.

    I think doing this will bring sites back from Penguin. If not then negative seo would be true where anyone could damage another persons website ranking by just flooding them with spammy links.

    Dont forget its just math. Algorithms can be broken and are stupid. I have started just blasting my sites with organic backlinks and hoping I will see a major change soon enough.

    When there is a will there is a way .
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