BE READY Google Update Coming This update is called the May 2022 core update

Been seeing people in Skype and FB groups saying they've lost upto 70% traffic this past week.

Could be the answer here for them;
Eh, I think it is different.

This core update rolls out today.

But I agree with you... Many people are experiencing the same. May has been a very weird month for SEO. Very very weird anomaly traffic and rankings. I've seen many sharing that their rankings went up, but traffic went over the cliff. I'm also experiencing the same.

I hope this core update fixes whatever has been happening.
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Any updates on your end, anyone?

A few of my sites got wiped out. 50-80% of the keyword rankings are gone. First page are now filled with horrible spam pages with no useful content (some are even AI generated).

Again, it is just the first day of the update, and it is still ongoing so we can't conclude it yet as It takes up to 12 days for the rollout to be completed. However, I'm filled with pessimism already lol
I beg Google core update everyday, I don't care anymore.

I am moving into the metaverse.

The new update affects all types of searches, including local searches, image searches, and video searches. The update is intended to give users better and more relevant search results.
This core update recalculates the authority of domains.
The domains which went up strongly went down today - all phrases.
I had not hit so far , thats good , but its say that it may tak overall 2 to 3 weeks to get enrolled , lets see !
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