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    Hey Guys,

    I am a very patient guy but sometimes it is too much. I have waited for over 6 weeks now.

    I've done some business with him before and he came over trustworthy. He offered me a deal that if I borrow him $240 he would pay me back 450$ within a week, saying he just needed to pay something really quickly but wouldn't be able to get the money of his bankaccount to moneybookers / paypal that fast. So I agreed, that was on the 8/3/2010. So I was due to be paid on the 15th of March, like you all can see its the 1st of May today.

    He kept coming up with some excuses telling me he would pay me soon. I gave him several chances but now I know that my money is gone. I am posting this to make other people aware of him.

    I have sent him several pms and he always came up with answers here is just one example of many:

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    And here are some copy pastes out of some of the chat exerts:

    I do not have chat logs from before this

    3/15/2010 3:23:37 PM Ole megalodon How are you gonna pass the money over tonight are you gonna send it to my paypal? Should i maybe sign up with something else like moneybookers?
    3/15/2010 3:23:58 PM megalodon Ole no it's ok I'll send it via paypal
    3/15/2010 3:24:01 PM Ole megalodon ok

    4/18/2010 5:10:32 PM Ole megalodon last question about the money tongiht, then i'll just wait and see, where are u getting the money off, like are u waiting for someone to pay u (if yes will he pay 100000% defs) or are u getting it of a cc? Just asking to see how the chances are of actually getting it lol I owe somebody money so i need it xD
    4/18/2010 5:11:10 PM megalodon Ole I've sent it via my credit card
    4/18/2010 5:11:25 PM megalodon Ole to a reputable exchanger
    4/18/2010 5:11:35 PM megalodon Ole now he has to come online and finish the transfer

    Nothing happens hence the convo on the 19th, he told me theviralguy owes him $200

    4/19/2010 10:03:10 PM Ole megalodon Is theviralguy still coming onine tonight?
    4/19/2010 10:03:10 PM Ole megalodon do u know his paypal? I would already make the request money
    4/19/2010 10:36:11 PM Ole megalodon u there
    4/19/2010 10:36:35 PM megalodon Ole yes
    4/19/2010 10:36:48 PM Ole megalodon just asking because u didn't answer to my question lol
    4/19/2010 10:36:56 PM Ole megalodon do u know the viralguys paypal?
    4/19/2010 10:37:12 PM megalodon Ole I just asked him
    4/19/2010 10:37:18 PM Ole megalodon ah ok
    4/19/2010 10:38:32 PM megalodon Ole "his paypal adresse"
    4/19/2010 10:38:41 PM Ole megalodon what does he want in the invoice
    4/19/2010 10:38:44 PM megalodon Ole request a $200 payment
    4/19/2010 10:38:55 PM Ole megalodon yeah but he wanted an invoice
    4/19/2010 10:39:05 PM Ole megalodon so what to put as the thign he gets the invoice for
    4/19/2010 10:39:16 PM megalodon Ole let me ask him
    4/19/2010 10:42:41 PM Ole megalodon just need the description of the item
    4/19/2010 10:43:37 PM megalodon Ole put "advertising services"
    4/19/2010 10:43:43 PM megalodon Ole or anything else you want
    4/19/2010 10:44:22 PM Ole megalodon yeah
    4/19/2010 10:44:24 PM Ole megalodon i can do that
    4/19/2010 10:44:57 PM Ole megalodon invoice is sent
    4/19/2010 10:53:36 PM Ole megalodon he cancelled it
    4/19/2010 10:54:01 PM Ole megalodon he denied the invoice
    4/19/2010 10:54:31 PM megalodon Ole megalodon: it's sent Troy: k Troy: damnit Troy: its only letting me do echeck Troy: cant even use a cc =\ Troy: i got paid epass though ill jsut pay with that Troy: whats your epass?
    4/19/2010 10:55:12 PM Ole megalodon alright i'll set up an epass then?
    4/19/2010 10:55:29 PM megalodon Ole let me try exchange it to mb
    4/19/2010 10:56:33 PM Ole megalodon ok
    4/19/2010 10:57:55 PM megalodon Ole one sec let me try to exchange it to pp
    4/19/2010 10:58:01 PM megalodon Ole with a good friend of mine

    4/19/2010 10:58:19 PM megalodon Ole online
    4/19/2010 10:58:32 PM Ole megalodon kk
    4/19/2010 11:03:05 PM Ole megalodon u;ve got both my mb and my paypal
    4/19/2010 11:03:13 PM Ole megalodon can u just send it to me when u've exchanged it
    4/19/2010 11:03:24 PM megalodon Ole pastem here again
    4/19/2010 11:03:30 PM megalodon Ole so I can have them in front
    4/19/2010 11:03:33 PM Ole megalodon k [my email
    4/19/2010 11:03:45 PM megalodon Ole that's the id for both?
    4/19/2010 11:03:45 PM Ole megalodon mb i have to look up one second
    4/19/2010 11:05:51 PM Ole megalodon logout Email: myy email Customer ID: xxxxx
    4/19/2010 11:05:53 PM Ole megalodon for mb
    4/19/2010 11:08:08 PM Ole megalodon ok?
    4/19/2010 11:08:20 PM megalodon Ole what is your mb?
    4/19/2010 11:08:31 PM Ole megalodon logout Email: [email protected] Customer ID: xxxxx for mb ok?
    4/19/2010 11:08:33 PM Ole megalodon that
    4/19/2010 11:08:37 PM megalodon Ole ok thanks
    4/19/2010 11:08:42 PM Ole megalodon and pp is xxxxxxxx
    4/19/2010 11:08:56 PM Ole megalodon then i am going to bed now since i will have a shitload of work tomorrow
    4/19/2010 11:09:00 PM Ole megalodon and i need some sleep for that
    4/20/2010 5:50:05 PM Ole megalodon hey
    4/20/2010 10:29:03 PM Ole megalodon u there
    4/21/2010 3:01:41 PM Ole megalodon u there
    4/22/2010 4:05:06 PM Ole megalodon hey
    4/23/2010 3:18:00 PM Ole megalodon Mate, I see u as a friend but this is the last chance I am giving u. If the money is not in my account by tomorrow evening I will see and treat u as a scammer. I have waited over 5 weeks and I need the money by then. For both moneybookers and paypal my email is [email protected] so please pay me ASAP

    I am not going to bother posting the others in except if it is really required. He kept telling me I should not panic everytime I told him I would want my money and would feel cheated for not getting it on time.

    I am not the only one, theviralguy, also got screwed over by him. He will post in here with his own story soon. I'll leave that to him.

    So guys, just be aware of Megalodon, I really thought he was a nice guy but I guess we can't just go after what they seem in IM.
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    Bro :( you have to be careful bro. Really and truly you can't trust people like that, Am not saying megalodon wont pay you back but what i am saying is you can't put yourself in these type of risky deals
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    He took $200 from me as well, I say ban him, the op has been in contact with me and told me megalodon told him my method I am using which is private. I am Troy in the chat log up there, so he took my money to pay back the op but he hasn't done the service for me or paid the op back, also hasn't been online in days so most likely has blocked me. and I didn't owe him shit, he was going to invite friends to my pages on fb.
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    He didn't even give me that money. He kept it...
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    You guys are borrowing a complete stranger money online? Cmon, you have to know better than that.
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    Totally agree... however if anyone wants to lend me $5000...

    In all seriousness though, I hope you payed him through paypal or something to that effect that will allow you to file a claim or something.

    Lesson learned
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    I have had done business with him before so it was not just a complete out of the blue borrowing him money I am not that stupid. He just contacted me and gave me some private reason. I can't say anything about the truth of that or not but he said I will have the money in the latest two days. If his reason is true I have to admit that I understand him a bit and won't have any bad feelings with him if i get my money.