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    You don't need a lot of scripts or blackhat techniques to generate good, targeted, monetizable traffic from Twitter. In fact, now that EPN allows traffic directly from FB, Twitter and Tumblr, you can get 10-25 cents a click without even using your own hosting.

    For profitable niche Twittering:

    • Never use a brand new account, let new accounts age at least a few weeks, buying established accounts isn't a bad idea either
    • Set up your profile and buy real followers (always buy a weird amount, like 382, so it's not obvious you bought them) after the account is aged
    • Have at least a general, popular niche or a theme evident from your profile (like cats or video games, not like internet marketing or seo) but narrower and more specific has more personality and might be easier to promote (like himalayan cats or puzzle video games)
    • Promote your twitter account with a "follow me" link everywhere you can (forums, blog comments, etc)
    • Follow the biggest and most active Twits in your niche
    • Unfollow people who don't follow back (I use twitnerd)
    • Try to keep even ratio of followers to follows, buy more followers if you're having difficulty getting followbacks
    • Follow everyone back unless they're obviously bots or spammers
    • Search Twitter often for people to follow using terms related to your niche
    • Follow people right after they tweet
    • Use Tweetdeck or whatever you prefer that allows multiple accounts and fast notifications
    • Get people to interact with you as much as possible, fun things like "help me name my cat" are good, be sure you respond to the best answers
    • Watch social bookmark sites like reddit, and repost new, funny, and popular stuff
    • Retweet good tweets from people with 1000 followers or more a few times, then ask them to retweet your tweets
    • Bandwagon: tweet and retweet relevant to trending hashtags, watch tags and trends on IG and other social networks, but avoid controversial or polarizing opinions, observations, or jokes
    • Make Youtube videos and tweet about them
    • Aim for 30% humor, 30% personal, 20% from social bookmarks, and 10% monetized or self-promoting
    • Promote your other social networking accounts (fb, linkedin, etc)
    • Link your profile to your (hopefully monetized) blog
    • Use URL shorteners that track clicks on affiliate links (I use
    • Promote Ebay and Amazon products (not cb or cpa offers) and make sure EPC will be reasonable (filter and expire links to ebay, promote popular products priced around $50 from amazon)
    • Ask people to comment on/rate/like your videos, pins, etc
    • Use your Twitter history to get ideas for at least weekly fb or blog posts

    Good luck!
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    What's EPN?
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    Ebay partnership program?