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    Hey guys, My name is Brandon and I am from California :)
    I have been on this forum for a while now, but just looking at threads, learning from the community and leeching ideas. However, about a week ago I have spent tons of time reading about internet marketing, Micro Niche Sites, and Authoritative Sites and finally taking action! When I was younger I always wanted to try it, and sometimes I did but failed. The reason I know I failed was because I was too young and very inexperienced. To give you an insight of what I did, I opened a clickbank account got a ref banner, bought a domain and host, and then copy the banner onto the website with nothing else on it and expected it to go live lol. Some of you guys are probably like, "this guy is an idiot..." well I was 15 at the time and now I'm 20 with a better idea of what to do. Hopefully, there will be someone out there who will follow me and help me along the road. <3 Lets get started! (I'm Excited!)

    Goal: 10$/day (Starting small to get the ball rolling)

    Plan: Make money through Adsense with an Authoritative Site.(Maybe Amazon too)

    Starting Budget: $200

    Taking ( Day 1 ) Action

    - Talked to Fiverose, King Maker, and Napster(Kinda)

    -After talking to three of them for their information, Fiverose got my attention with quick responses about his service and advices.

    - After talking to him for a couple of hours, I ended up purchasing his package for $100.
    The reason I ended up with an authoritative site is because I heard it has a better chance of Google Adsense to accept.

    - Currently waiting for a niche we can agree on, One that is good with an interesting topic (to keep me interested)

    Need to do list:
    -Make and grow a Twitter based on Niche
    -Make and grow an Instagram based on Niche
    -Make and grow a Tumblr based on Niche

    $ Spent: $100
    $ Overall: $100
    $ Gained: $0

    This was probably really boring to you guys, so sorry for that haha. If not I'm glad you guys enjoyed it and hopefully there will be more to it. I don't plan on quitting and disappearing like many journeys out there. I want to actually see how far I can go. Throughout everything, all I ask is for support, I am already discouraged about posting this cause I am still a noob at this. If there is actually someone out there who is interested and have any questions, I'll be glad to answer it.

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    FFS, You can't "buy" authority sites.
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    Welcome to BHW and good luck with your journey you will need it :creep:
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    sound interested, good luck with your journey
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    You shouldn't have spent so much in buying an "authoritative" site. You can start a website with about $10 - $15 (domain and hosting). You can write your own content.

    I thought you spent hours reading about internet marketing. So I assume you know that an authority site is just a website with great content. And by great content I mean articles that are:

    1. Evergreen
    2. A "resource" type of post. Think go-to guides.
    3. Shareable and linkable content.

    For example, I'm writing about car dealership. I may write an article about tips on how to deal with fender benders, or quick fix tips for car newbies. You can also interview a car dealer and rehash that interview into several articles. Spending 50% of your total budget on an "authoritative site" isn't a nice investment imo.

    But what's done is done. LOL

    If you plan to go the authoritative route, make sure you know A LOT about your niche and expect to write many articles.

    Cheers! Hope you succeed. :)
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    true, still OP good luck and keep working you will get there.
  7. brandondnguyen

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    Thank you kinda.. :)

    Well I purchased for a kick start package pretty much

    Thank you.

    After reading your reply, It was truly helpful. Before buying I was thinking about making my own also + a package that I have already purchased. The good thing is FiveRose told me I had the right to refund if I was unsatisfied. When reading your post this morning it got me thinking. Please tell me your thoughts on this though?

    What if I made 2 sites with 2 different income stream

    Page 1) Lets call this Fanpage Niche(a page where people are interested in your thoughts)
    This page will be made by me with my content and interest in the topic
    build a twitter, instagram, and a tumblr page for it. This would be eventually/ hopefully linked to my adsense

    Page 2) 'Authoritative Site' niche
    This would be a page where I review about products, know the niche and study the niche accruately get people's thoughts and point of view.
    Hopefully I can try to get this site to be ranked and get the income with commission from probably clickbank, or even amazon.

    Overall I'll have two sites, with two different niche and aspect stream. It sounds a lot better than what I put up there in my "Day 1" Post. Anyhow, whether its a mean response or a supportive response, it helps me either way so thank you for taking your time commenting and replying. As I know I shouldn't have droppped $100 on a pacakge, I should still be able to figure a way to still make this work.

    I've seen a lot of Journeys with micro niche and authority niche and some has purchased the 'site', can I get an idea on why its a bad idea to invest in one, neglecting the cost of it? Appreciate the help thanks!
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    Good luck with your journey Brandon!
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    I would have spent the $200 on a good expired domain to give the authority site a jump start. Then start creating content on your own, find a niche that you are interested in, that way creating content will not be as much of a pain.
    just my two cents
    Good luck and remember there are no mistakes just learning experiences ;)
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    All the best for your journey