Batch video creation. Is there a tool that can do this:

Discussion in 'Video Production' started by ThreadKiller, Nov 4, 2013.

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    Never too long in one place.
    Suppose I have 100 full length tv-shows on my HD. Clips are named BreakingBads01e01, weedss01e01 etcetera.
    Is there a tool that can go in and automatically create a 1 minute clip from somewhere in the middle of all of these shows, then spit it out as breakingbads01e01clip.avi or similar? I want it all to happen at once. I do not want to click a button and choose the files 100 times over.

    And it would be good if they could all be watermarked in the process as well.

    I suppose this feature might be available somewhere in FFMPEG, but that syntax gives me a serious headache.

    Any clues people?
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    Nov 7, 2013
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    You mean encoding? After Effects has a good encoder, but it's an expensive piece of software. For a low-end solution, the free software VLC media player can do this