Basic YT Video Questions- Accounts, URL Linking, etc.

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    Other than occasionally viewing YT videos I've no experience in using them for marketing. Want to throw some time and effort at it and give it a shot for some 'fast cash.' Have read a few shares fm here on various YT quick cash schemes, i.e. find high view videos, dnload, edit and make them clickable to appropriate affiliate links, etc.

    My basic questions:

    1. What's the best (fastest, etc.) way/s to make a video clickable? Must that be done on the YT site in their editor?

    2. Are there video editing programs, that can make vids clickable, I can use to edit them on a PC then upload to YT?

    3. Are YT accounts tracked by IP? Will I have to mess with proxies and such
    if I want to create a few different accounts? Or are diff. email accounts sufficent?

    Any pointers appreciated! Or point me to an existing thread, ebook, etc. that covers this kinda stuff in detail.

    Thanks! :questionm
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    1 - You can do it with annotations, but you can link only inside Youtube. Otherwise there is aprogram on YT to add links to vids, but you must pay to feature it.
    2 - If the video must be clickable in YT you can only use annotations if you want a free way. Otherwise you can only watermark.
    3 - I think yes,but YT permits you much more than facebook. You can have many accounts on the same IP without problems.