Basic Video Sites Money Making Tutorial For Noobs

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    1.Find the latest movies or the upcoming on
    Find the link for a full movie or trailer on
    ,copy the download link in the notepad.

    2.Register on
    and upload the file. Get the download link.

    *What are you uploading..web address to some other site. You are innocent.
    3.Make videos and upload to youtube for example title Download The Avengers Full Movie Free Online.. Post your download link in the description.First url shorten it: is good.Make custom link like

    You can do it in camtasia or some of the websites used to edit the videos. Or download existing videos edit reupload or make unique using video spinner,cutting few seconds from the end etc. Youll find lots of examples on the youtube,just copy it.

    Ok now the twists. You need to tag your videos well,think what visitors will search for and separate with commas. Download Avengers,download avengers full movie,download avengers movie,avengers full movie,avengers movie download... Copy the whole tags once more in the description. Youtube description doesn't have limit so you can add also plot summary cast etc,who know maybe youll catch more views on some of the keywords.
    What some people don't know also is that file name uploaded to youtube is also important and youtube notice it when matching the searched keyword. So make it the same as the title.

    Since few weeks ago you can register on dailymotion without email confirmation,and upload the video,Google use to index videos really often from the Dailymotion so if yours get in search for some good keyword theres bunch of traffic,and site generally is no too saturated. So if you already uploaded video to youtube,do it on daily motion in just a minutes,why not. Btw DailyMotion links are nofollow,have that in mind.

    Your videos will get banned,save the info and projects in camtasia or online so you create it again.Put some effort in it make 10 accounts a day with couple od videos. Google want you to verify account? Use
    Put any info,get number,paste in youtube,get code,verify.Done.
    You can do any niche,GAME download links,game cheats.. Stay away from music and audio.
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    I'm pretty sure this is illegal in the US. That's the main thing preventing me from trying this method or other variations of it.
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    Hm, But Dailymotion don't allow clickable links in the description.