Basic Silo question - what if only one topic?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by air360, Apr 6, 2013.

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    Hey yall,
    I understand when you are building a Silo structured website that if you have the main page, and then categories, and then posts closely related and all linking to each other and to the main category page .

    Main /--cat1-- post -- post -- post --post
    Index -- cat2-- post -- post -- post --post
    Page \--cat3-- post -- post -- post --post

    But my question is what if I am doing a very niche offline business website. Lets say I have a main landing page for "my city limo service". The front page has the call to action and pushes people to call. There is am about us page and a contact us page but there is not really any different list of categories because it is already niched down specifically to people looking for a limo in that city.

    Would I simply build a one silo site then without category pages? I would just make sure every post linked back to the home page and that every post was linked to each other like this?

    Main page -- post -- post -- post --post
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    I wouldn't worry about it too much. Siloing is used on websites with a lot of pages/posts. It is in essence a system of organisation to improve thematic relevance, serps rankings and user navigation. Your site is a microniche site that just focuses on a limo service in a specific city, so siloing isn't 100% necessary as you are near the "low hanging fruit"/"long tail keyword" area in your vertical market.

    If you want to go down the silo route, just name the 1 category the same as your home page theme, i.e. "city" limo service. Then if you expand on the existing service to offer something else that is relevant and related to your business, you can consider adding another "silo", e.g. chauffer training in "city" or something like this.

    Hope this makes sense and helps. Siloing is a hard concept to fully grasp initially and it takes time. (I'm still learning :D)
    All the best.
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    Yup I agree with gianty. I would say give it a shot and see how it works.
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    I've experimented with silo's and I didn't see any rankings benefits from doing it compared to not doing it although some say that it does help.

    Why don't you just try


    home-catergory2-post2 etc?